Raleigh’s Place is a Christ-centered foster care ministry. Raleigh’s Place offers several ministries to assist foster children and foster families.

The first ministry is homes. These are two parent homes where God’s word and appropriate family values are taught. The goal is also to be a self-sustaining, working farm where children learn responsibility, caretaking and respect for God’s creations, and get to experience God’s provision. The hope is that families will be healed and reunited. If not, Raleigh’s Place would assist with a relative placement or an adoption.

The next ministry is Camp 1:27. Camp 1:27 is our annual summer camp for children who are in foster homes, institutional settings, relative placements, or who have been adopted. One unique feature of Camp 1:27 is that it is absolutely FREE for children who are currently in or have been through the foster care system. The camp has aspects of a traditional camp, including horseback riding, sports activities, swimming, etc. The camp also has bible study, praise and worship, and God and I times. All of these activities, including the traditional ones, are teaching moments where Scripture and Bible stories will be included. The camp counselors are older highschool and college students identified by their pastors, parents and schools as young people who are well founded in their faith. The counselors not only serve as examples and encouragers for the children while at the camp, but they also help identify each child’s strengths, interests and gifts.

We launched our Rise program in the summer of 2016. The Rise program is part of Camp 1:27 and is a leadership development program (formerly known as the Junior Counselor role). Rise consists of high schoolers that have demonstrated a heart for Christ and a desire to lead others. We give them the opportunity to do that by assisting counselors, serving campers, and many other tasks. What is unique about this program is that we want former campers to join our Rise program. This allows them to spend many weeks during the summer learning how to lead, what it means to follow Christ, and the importance of serving others.

We also have a clothes closet at Raleigh’s Place.  Katie’s Closet exists to serve local foster families. This ministry provides clothes, shoes, and various accessories to foster children and families that are in need. The greatest aspect of this ministry: it is completely FREE for foster families! Katie’s Kloset is open every first and third Tuesday and Saturday.

Raleigh’s Place also serves foster families in Clanton by hosting foster parent association meetings. This is a time for foster families to come together to build community, share each other’s burdens, and gain continuing education hours.

The overall goal is heart change, an introduction to Christ and a desire to know Him. For a glimpse of the impact of Raleigh’s Place, please watch the following video: