Camp 1:27 Summer Staff Support Raising Information

Something we are doing again for 2018 is allowing our staff to raise support as a “Summer Missionary.” We are doing this because we realize that our staff has given most of their summer to serve the children that we are blessed to have at Camp 1:27. Instead of having a paying job, they are being the hands and feet of Jesus to the least and lost. Because of this, we want to support and give our staff the ability to raise some money as they serve as a counselor or junior counselor.

We have decided to set the support raised limit for each counselor at $2,500. If a counselor works all weeks of camp (including training week), they will be able to raise the full amount of money. Junior counselors will be able to raise up to $1,500 in support money. We hope this is helpful for all of our staff!

Are you being called to support a counselor or junior counselor?

If you are interested in supporting a counselor or junior counselor, all donations are tax deductible. Please write out your check to Raleigh’s Place. On the memo line, please write the name of the counselor or junior counselor you are supporting. Please mail your check along with this form, in the enclosed envelope, by July 1st.

Instructions for Summer Staff Seeking Support

If you are applying as a counselor or junior counselor, please keep reading. Attached to this page is a document with a support letter template. What you need to do is download the appropriate document (it is in two formats: Pages and Word), edit the date and name on the bottom of the letter, and send it out. We have tried to make this as simple as possible for you. We recommend sending a letter to at least 30 different people including churches, family, and friends. As support money comes in, we will let you know who all contributed to your fund so that you can send a thank you letter after camp. The contents of the support letter include a call to prayer and giving of finances. Our hope and prayer is that people will be willing to not only support you financially, but also spiritually as they pray for you and your ministry at Camp 1:27.


Download The Support Letter