IMG_1074Camp 1:27 is designed to host foster children, adoptive children, and children in relative placement. It is a week long camp. Campers will live in cabins for a week with a counselor. Throughout the week we will do many fun and exciting events, such as: swimming, horseback riding, boat riding, arts & crafts, and much more. We will also have times of Bible study, praise & worship, prayer, and fellowship with children that have had similar struggles. Summer Camp is a great time for children to get ‘out’ of the world and be placed in a safe environment, where they can have fun, make friends, and be impacted by all that Jesus Christ has done for them.

The Counselor has a huge role at Camp 1:27. Counselors have a tremendous opportunity to lead and be an example for all the children. Counselors will be responsible for four campers. They will guide the campers to every activity and participate in the activity. Counselors are also responsible for leading Bible study, devotion, prayer, worship, and investing their lives into the campers.

Who do we want for counselors? We want Christian young men and women to serve as counselors. Ideally the counselor is a college student who loves the Lord and loves children. The counselor must be willing to invest their hearts and time into the campers. To apply for a position click here. (Note: We need 16 counselors this summer, 8 males and 8 females.)

Not in college? Still want to serve at Camp 1:27? Apply for our RISE Program. Members of the RISE Program will work alongside counselors in leading and guiding the campers. RISE members are to be high school students that love the Lord and children. If you want to serve at Camp 1:27 this summer, apply online here.

If you have previously served on staff at Camp 1:27 and have a desire to serve again, please fill out our Returning Staff Application.

For more info on serving at Camp 1:27, contact Mike King (205)217-0418. Or check out our Counselor Brochure.