Camp 1:27 is a ministry of Raleigh’s Place.  Camp is a special time that we have each year where children who are in foster homes, relative placement or have already been adopted come to camp for a week. The camp has aspects of a traditional camp, including horseback riding, sports activities, swimming, etc. The camp also has Bible study, praise and worship, dramas, and various other activities. All of these activities, including the traditional ones, are teaching moments where Scripture and Bible stories will be included. The camp counselors are older high school and college students identified by their pastors, parents and schools as young people who are well founded in their faith. The counselors not only encourage and serve as examples  for the children while at the camp, but they also help identify each child’s strengths, interests and gifts.

We are excited to announce our Camp dates for 2018. Camp will begin June 3rd as we host Elementary age campers. Junior High week is next beginning on June 10th.Then we will have another Elementary week beginning June 17th . Lastly, we will close out summer 2017 with Teen week on June 24th. For more info, please click the Campers tab. We hope to see you this summer!

Registration will open soon! Head over to the Campers tab to register your child for Camp 1:27.

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